What Are Escape Rooms? (2021 Edition)

Escape rooms: you have heard of them, but what are they?


Everyone is currently talking about that-one-fun-activity they did over the weekend with their friends or family. You know, the one that seems like a new trend in every TV show like Bob’s Burgers, The Big Bang Theory, and a personal favorite Schitt’s Creek. Movies have even been made because of how popular this entertainment trend has been such as the 2019 film “Escape Room”.


Ever since their introduction to the United States in 2012, the escape room phenomena has exploded across the country and their rising popularity has created new favorite hobbies, influenced pop culture, and changed many Friday night plans to try a new escape room adventure!


But with all of the talk of how fun they are, what exactly is it? You most likely have heard the most basic explanation of “What is an escape room?” You enter a room, solve puzzles, look for clues, open locks, and get out in less than an hour. But, there is so much more to escape rooms than that.


When looking for a room to book, you try and find the one that looks the most fun. Whether you want to be thrilled in a haunted cabin, or perform a daring wild west bank heist, there is an escape room for you. For instance, we base all of our escape rooms on our favorite movie genres, and when remade in the escape room game format, we are able to take something familiar, and make it new.


However, escape room puzzles and themes don’t really justify going out for date night, the secret sauce that goes into rooms is the social aspect!


It’s most importantly a social activity, you must work with one or more people to get through. That requires teamwork, and of course, communication. Many escape rooms are built to require the teamwork between two or more people at a time, just to solve one puzzle!


If you are thinking about trying an escape room for the first time you are going to need a checklist:


1). Find a room you like.

Whether you choose based on the theme, the difficulty, or what was recommended to you, try what you think will be best for your group. (If someone has a fear of clowns and there is a circus theme you must choose wisely)


2). Find your escape squad.

Next up you are going to want to choose who you want in your team! If you are taking your family out go ahead and move onto the next step! If you are going to play with your friends, choose wisely. Having a mix of people with different skills and personalities tend to have good success!


3). Book your escape.

You can book online or over the phone at most escape rooms! Find out when your room is available and coordinate the best time with your team, you don’t want to leave anyone out of the fun!


4). Arrive on-time.

Escape room session slots are kind of like the movies. Just like how a film starts at a predetermined time, you are expected to arrive on-time. Certain locations even ask you to arrive 15 minutes before to account for filling out waivers, using the restroom beforehand, and rules explaining.

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