Escape Crates

We took the time and effort to hand-craft this experience to be done with your family or friends from the comfort of your own home. Bring your pens and paper, your escape room team, and your wits!

Escape Crate 3: Dead Man’s Chest


Crate Overview: You’ve stumbled upon an old treasure chest, with untold riches inside! Can you uncover the hidden secrets of the Pirate-King’s bounty?

Who The Dead Man’s Chest is for: Perfect for parties of all ages, the best one to start playing if you have not played an escape room before!



Crate Overview: A radical paramilitary group that calls themselves “The Pure” have set off a deadly virus to destroy all of humanity. You were able to sneak out of their headquarters with a top-secret cure to the plague! They are on your tail and you have a limited time to outsmart their plans!

Escape Crate 2: Murder Crate


Crate Overview: A serial killer is on the loose in Fresno, and you are the next target. Uncover the truth behind the killer and save yourselves!

Who The Murder Crate is for: Fans of True Crime and horror movies! These creepy box will have you explore the pyschological mindset of a local serial killer.

Escape Crate 1: Left For Dead


Crate Overview: The world is being attacked by ravenous zombies known as “The Sick”, and one of you were bit! Can you unlock the last remaining cure in the world and save humanity?

Who Left For Dead is for: A great intro to escape rooms, with unique puzzles that require critical thinking!

Just like our other escape rooms, this will last for around an hour.
Since there is no Gamemaster for these escape crates, we have an attached PowerPoint that will give two hints and an answer sheet for every puzzle in the crate.
The crate is rented for 3 hours at a time. If you are done before the rental time is over, just give us a call and we will pick it up.
Escape crates are $59.99 per rental. There is no additional cost for additional people like our traditional escape rooms.
We recommend 2-6 at a time. If you have more that want to play, we suggest booking two crates at a time.
We sanitize and disinfect the crate each time it is played using Lysol Spray and Clorox Wipes. We use clean gloves for delivery and pickup, so you can stay safe!

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