At Next-Gen Escape, we currently offer two, unique rooms that will provide you with both adventure and a challenge. We will be adding more games and rotating new themes, so check back often! Note: We will not pair you with another group – which is why we keep a minimum amount of slots per each room.

Global National

4-8 players

Room Overview: There’s a bomb! On the first day on the job at Global National, a local rubber ducky manufacturing company, we get stuck in an elevator while a bomb threat has been phoned in. We need to find and disarm the bomb before we all explode!

Who Global National is for: People looking for a challenge inside an interesting environment. For fans of Office Space, The Belko Experiment, and The Stanley Parable.

Global National Room Image

Clancey’s Lodge

3-6 players

Room Overview: Strange activity has been taking place around Clancey’s Lodge in Yosemite, CA. You are a new agent apart of a secret branch of the government that investigate supernatural occurrences – and have been called into find out more about the case. Can you find out what’s behind the strange activity and make it out alive?

Who Clancey’s Lodge is for: Thrill-seekers looking for an immersive environment. For fans of The Evil DeadFranchise, The Cabin in the Woods, and Until Dawn.

Clancey's Lodge Room Image
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