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What's included in your
Escape Room Party Package

Your Choice of Escape Room

Choose from any of our escape rooms to play in! All our games are private so you will never be playing with strangers!

Private Party Room

A private room where you can gather, debrief after the escape, open presents, and anything else you can do in a room!

Catering Options Available

No party is complete without pizza, let us take care of it for you! Parties at Next-Gen are easy and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many can play?

All of our rooms have a recommended max capacity of 6, however if necessary most rooms are able to have up to 7-8. For larger parties we recommend splitting the group into two escape rooms at no additional cost.

How many people can attend but won't play?

If people plan on attending the party but don't plan on playing an escape room can hang out in the party room for no additonal charge. We can comfortably host up to 18 in our party room at a time.

How long does it usually last?

The escape room itself normally lasts for around an hour. Our party room is available for rent per-hour, with most parties renting it for 3 hours.

What is the recommended age?

We recommend ages 12 and up. Our games are quite challenging! Children younger than 12 can attend or play, but a party of only children younger than 12 may struggle in the rooms.

What are your catering options?

Pizza is always supreme! We typically order from More Than Pizza but if you prefer slices from somewhere else we will make it happen. Included is pizza, your choice of soda, and a variety of chips.

If you are getting burnt-out on pizza, sandwiches from Deli Delicious and gourmet hot-dogs from Rocket Dog can easily be substituted.

What does the private party room include?

The party room includes tables and seating for everyone, and an overhead projector with surround sound which can be connected to Youtube. Most parties reserve the party room for 3 hours.

Can we bring our own food or drinks?

Absolutely. If you would prefer to take care of catering we have a staff refridgerator which can be used for cake, ice cream, or your drinks! (Note: No food is allowed inside the escape rooms themselves.)

Do you have to purchase the private party room or catering?

For groups just looking for a fun day out our escape rooms are available without the party package.

How much is it?

Our prices vary and depend on how many people will be attending as well as the options you choose.

Escape Room: $29.99 per person
Private Party Room: $60 per hour
Catering: $10 per person

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