Escape Crate: Murder Crate

Escape Crate: Murder Crate

Step into the mind of a killer with Murder Crate, a chilling escape room experience you can bring home. Originally launched in 2020, this fan-favorite has been revamped with even more puzzles and upgraded visuals. Get ready for a 60 minute escape room game from the comfort of your home!

Your Murder Crate experience includes:

  • A suspenseful intro video to set the stage.
  • A 60-minute timer featuring thematic visuals and soundtrack. (Some players may need more than 60 minutes to complete.)
  • Tons of new puzzles that dive deep into the psychology of a Fresno serial killer.

While this escape game is a hit for birthdays, family gatherings, and church events, this game explores mature themes, making it not suitable for all ages. (But it's a perfect match for fans of true crime and horror films.)

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