Clancey’s Lodge

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The year is 1989.

Located in Yosemite National Park lies the Bismuth Woods; a favorite vacation spot. From camping under the stars, hunting game, and underage parties by the lake, every part of the woods is nostalgic for the locals. All but the deepest part of the woods that is…

Tall tales surround Clancey’s Lodge,  tales of blood magic, kidnappings and unconfirmed sightings of strange creatures straight out of pulp fiction. The fabled owner of the lodge disappeared years ago with no trace of where he’s gone. The cabin now lays abandoned, with increased missing person reports over the course of the last decade.

The Agency

A secret branch of the government that investigates paranormal occurrences has reason to believe that supernatural activity may the be the reason behind these strange disappearances . A veteran agent of the Agency – Andrew Blackburn, was sent to investigate three days ago and has not been heard from since. You are a team of rookie agents sent on a mission to find the missing agent and discover the source of this strange activity. HQ leaves you off on one note of advice,

“Don’t get caught.”

For Fans of the Following Movies & TV Shows
Cabin in the Woods, Paranormal Activity Franchise, and The Evil Dead Franchise

See Inside The Room

Find the missing agent. Solve the mystery.

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