Escape Crate: Left For Dead

The world was ravaged by The Sickened... Ravenous Zombies with an appetite for human flesh! The majority of the world's population had turned into these barbaric cannibals, known only as The Sick. The few survivors did what they had to in order to survive in this strange new world.
The nearby university of Fresno State may have found a cure moments before raiders had attacked it. You and your group set out to find this cure.
You were able to recover a hidden crate which presumably contains the cure, and a few belongings of the professor working on the vaccine. While you were scavenging, a horde of The Sick spotted you and chased you back to your shelter.
It looks like on your way back to your shelter one of you were bitten. It takes little over an hour before the infection takes over the host body. Get the cure and save your group before it's lights out for good!

Find the cure. Save humanity.

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