The King’s Keep

Welcome to the land of Catharsis.

A province renowned for it’s wealthy trading, bountiful fishing, and it’s soul-crushing dungeons. 

Deep under the keep lies the deepest dungeon ever made by man. Only the most vile and dangerous of prisoners are sent here to be forever forgotten. After being locked up, no one is heard from again.


Last Night- The King’s Masquerade 

On the eve of the princess’ royal marriage, an expensive party is held to celebrate the royal court’s new additions to the family. The most delicate cakes, savory meats, and fine wines in all of the lands were imported for the union of two houses. 

The king even hired your band of traveling actors. Even though Catharsis is further than any other performance, the King’s personal steward offer twice your normal rate, and a job is a job right?

During one of your last performances of the night, and with everyone drunk off of wine, your troupe performs a routine disappear/ reappear magic trick. When you ask for volunteers, only the princess herself steps up. You say the magic words and… poof: the princess is no where to be see. When you fail to make the princess reappear is where this story truly begins. 


The Next Day- Where you come in

You wake up the next day in the King’s Keep, a dungeon with tall tales so large even you have heard about it from your homeland. The night before the King’s guards imprisoned you and your friends with the accusation of murdering the princess, and the use of dark magic.

The executioner gives you a generous hour to make peace with the gods before locking you away forever. You have a short time frame to try to find a way to escape, and prove your innocence along the way.

Can you escape from the King’s Justice? 

Can you accomplish what no other soul has done before? 

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See Inside The Room!

A detailed look inside the dungeon...
A detailed look inside the dungeon…

We may have gone overboard for the set and props for this one...
We may have gone overboard for the set and props for this one…

Lighting is important. No fluorescent bulbs here!
Lighting is important. No fluorescent bulbs here!

Escape to freedom. Prove your innocence. 

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