Virtual Escape Rooms

We took the time and effort to hand-craft this experience to be done with your family or friends over the internet. Bring your laptop, pen and paper, your escape squad, and wits!


At Next-Gen Escape, we currently offer our King’s Keep room virtually. These games are played from home, all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone with the Zoom app.

Once you book, more instructions will be emailed to you regarding how to join the live video escape room meeting.


Note: This is completely digital, you will NOT be going to our location in Fresno California.

The first two connections are included, any additional will incur additional fees.

 You may have as many people per connection as you like!

Virtual King’s Keep


Room Overview: Now completely digital! Accused of a crime you didn’t commit, you have one hour before the executioner returns to administer the King’s justice. Get out and prove your innocence!

Who The King’s Keep is for: A one of a kind experience in a fantastic set! For fans of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Elder Scrolls, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Virtual Clancey’s Lodge


Room Overview: Strange activity has been taking place around Clancey’s Lodge in Yosemite, CA. You are a new agent part of a secret branch of the government that investigates supernatural occurrences and have been called in to find out more about the case. Your partner has been dispatched to find out more about the disappearances, can you remotely guide them through the haunted cabin and get them through to the other side?

Who Clancey’s Lodge is for: Thrill-seekers looking for an immersive environment. For fans of The Evil Dead Franchise, The Cabin in the Woods, and Until Dawn.

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