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What is an Escape Room?


You and your team must solve challenging puzzles, find clues, and beat riddles to escape the room in time!


Our escape room games are 60 minutes long, the clock is against you! Work together to exit the room in time!


Our mystery rooms are much more than just puzzle rooms. Each escape game has a story and fully-themed set to make you forget that you are in Fresno!


Escape rooms are meant to be entertaining, and a break from day-to-day life. Players look forward to the fair challenge!

Introducing Escape Crates!

Escape Crate 1: Left For Dead


Crate Overview: The world is being attacked by ravenous zombies known as “The Sick”, and one of you were bit! Can you unlock the last remaining cure in the world and save humanity?

Looking for things to do in Fresno?
Trying to find escape rooms in Fresno? Look no further!

Our Escape Rooms

The King’s Keep


Room Overview: Accused of a crime you didn’t commit, you have one hour before the executioner returns to administer the King’s justice. Get out and prove your innocence!

Who The King’s Keep is for: A one of a kind experience in a fantastic set! For fans of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Elder Scrolls, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Clancey’s Lodge

2-6 players

Room Overview: Strange activity has been taking place around Clancey’s Lodge in Yosemite, CA. You are a new agent apart of a secret branch of the government that investigates supernatural occurrences – and have been called into find out more about the case. Can you find out what’s behind the strange activity and make it out alive?

Who Clancey’s Lodge is for: Thrill-seekers looking for an immersive environment. For fans of The Evil Dead Franchise, The Cabin in the Woods, and Until Dawn.

Clancey's Lodge Room Image

Global National

2-8 players

Room Overview: There’s a bomb in the building! On the first day on the job at Global National, a local rubber ducky manufacturing company, a bomb threat was phoned in. Luckily everyone was evacuated… Everyone but you that is. You need to find and disarm the bomb before you have an EXPLOSIVE time!

Who Global National is for: People looking for a challenge inside an interesting environment. For fans of Office Space, The Belko Experiment, and The Stanley Parable.

Global National Room Image

Who should Play at Next-Gen?

  • Friends & Family
  • Birthday Parties
  • Clubs & Co-Workers
  • Organizations

Escape room games are meant to be fun and a way for great team bonding! Communication is critical to your success, so they are a great way of improving interpersonal skills while unplugging from your TV!


We understand a need for fun things to do in Fresno, if you have any questions or special requests make sure to reach out!

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