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King's Keep

King's Keep

Step into a new world with King's Keep, a crown jewel and one of the top-rated escape rooms in Fresno!

Nominated for the Top Escape Room Worldwide in 2021, this medieval thriller has it all: high-end sets, immersive lighting, unmatched sound effects, and original puzzles you won't find anywhere else.

Accused of abducting the princess in a magick trick gone awry, you're thrust into a dungeon full of secrets and mystical inhabitants. You've got just 60 minutes to clear your name before the executioner returns! Every twist and turn invokes awe, surprise, and delight as you dig deeper into the dungeon's enigma.

Fans of Lord of the Rings, The Elder Scrolls, and Dungeons & Dragons, get ready to feel right at home. King's Keep is perfect for escape room rookies and battle-hardened vets alike, earning rave reviews from all who dare to enter.

Make King's Keep your first stop at Next-Gen Escape, and uncover an adventure you'll never forget!

The Kingsblade has been called, and you've answered! Leap across peril! Deal with dastardly rats! Break the bones of cowardly skeletons! Save the Princess in this Hack 'n Slash video game platformer!

Kingsblade is a completely free and optional prologue to King's Keep. It's a short game that is completely optional! Currently only available on Steam.


King's Keep is set in the world of the Last Era. Immerse yourself further with board games crafted by the creators of Next-Gen Escape! Delve into storytelling with 'Tales from the Bloated Toad,' featuring King's Keep itself, or engage in rat rivalry with our card strategy game 'Treachery and Schemes.'

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