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Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat

Welcome interns, to your first day at Global National—the local leading rubber ducky sales company—and prepare for your explosive orientation!

As Next-Gen's inaugural escape room, Bomb Threat takes office chaos to new comedic heights. If you're a fan of Office Space, The Belko Experiment, or The Stanley Parable, you'll feel like you're in the right (if bizarre) place!

Due to a delightful loophole in airline miles, you're about to engage in our totally legal, first-ever live-bomb-training exercise. While you're safely secluded in an evacuated wing of the building, rest assured, we'll be monitoring your every quack—I mean, move.

But here's the twist: part of your mission is to unravel who planted this bomb and why. Crack the code, defuse the situation, and maybe you'll waddle away with a paid internship.

For first-time escape room players we recommend diving into one of our other highly-rated rooms first. But if you're game for humor and high stakes, Bomb Threat offers an unforgettable escapade you won't want to miss!

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