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Delve into the chilling depths of CEREBRAL

Fresno's first 18+ horror escape room. With intense violence and themes, it's an experience not for the faint-hearted.

Awaken in a living nightmare; the sickening sight of pipes in grotesque arrangements, the disturbing echo of Dr. Roth's intentions... it's clear you're part of his next experiment.

Under extreme duress, will you make the crucial decisions needed to survive?

Perfect for fans of harrowing horror classics like SAW, V/H/S, CUBE, and ZODIAC, CEREBRAL pushes the boundaries of your fear threshold.

Now including THRESHOLD, a 20-minute E-Scape prequel that sets the eerie stage for CEREBRAL.

This room lasts for 75 minutes and requires 3 or more players.

Are you ready to face CEREBRAL? Prepare yourself for an unforgettable, spine-chilling escape room experience.

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