• Escape Rooms

  • What is an Escape Room?

    These are challenging and fun games you play in-person. Inside the room you will work with your team to solve puzzles, complete various challenges, and uncovering clues so you can win in less than the time limit!

  • Will I Be Locked In A Room?


    Our rooms are never locked and you are free to leave at any point. Leaving the room does not end the game or stop it.

  • What if I am claustrophobic?

    We have not had an issue with this since our rooms are quite spacious and can accommodate most needs.

    Leaving the entry door open is always an option, we want everyone to have fun! (Also our doors are never locked!)

    If you are curious enough to want to see the rooms before booking, call or email us to set up a tour!

  • COVID-19 Policy

    Our rooms have always been and always will be private. You will have very limited (if any) contact with other guests besides your party. In most cases you will not see guests from other parties as our reservation times are staggered.

    Wearing a face mask is your decision.

    If you are feeling ill or have a cough or sneeze we ask you to reach out ahead of time so we can reschedule or offer store credit. Escape Rooms are not worth getting yourself and others sick.

  • Is There An Age Limit?

    Our Escape Games are designed for players aged 12* and higher. Please note that some parts can be quite the challenge! We've had Doctors, Architects and many more professionals have a hard time at certain points.

    While we recommend 12 and older, anyone younger may certainly join in the fun! Please note that there may be some mature themes inside the room not suitable for younger audiences.

    *CEREBRAL's recommended age is 18 or higher.

  • Is Alcohol Allowed?

    Not really.

    Attempting an escape room while intoxicated is strongly discouraged. If you are noticeably intoxicated we may ask you to leave or reschedule your game to another date.

    Having fun and staying safe are our priority. Save the victory shots until after your win!

  • Are there live actors?

    Nope! ;)

    (If that wink unsettles you, don't play CEREBRAL.)

  • Booking An Escape Room

  • How Much Is A Reservation?

    Our Escape Rooms are $29.99-$34.99 per person, depending on the room. To make a reservation only one person must be paid for, all the others can complete the payment online or in our lobby the day of.

    Reservations are highly recommended. Last-minute accommodations can be made based on availability so we recommend either booking online ahead of time or give us a call!

  • How many people can play, and can I add extra guests to my booking?

    All of our rooms have a recommended capacity of 6 guests. King's Keep can host up to 8.

    If you would like to bring additional guests after you have made your booking, make sure they fill out waivers ahead of time and we can complete payment in our lobby.

    Don't plan to bring more than our max capacity in a room!

  • How do I apply a gift card or coupon?

    At checkout there will be a blue "Have a code?" link you will want to keep an eye out for.

  • Can I see the rooms before making a reservation?


    Call or email us and we will schedule a tour with you!

  • Are Your Rooms Private?

    Our games are always private for no extra cost!

    The only players in the room with you are the ones you bring along.

  • I've already made a booking, but I need to change my party size!

    You can make changes to your booking up to 24hrs in advance using your confirmation email.

    Use the "Manage Your Booking" button in the confirmation email.

    If it's less than 24hrs in advance, call or email us!

  • How do I reschedule or cancel?

    If it's more than 24hrs in advance you can manage your booking using the "Manage Your Booking" booking in your confirmation email.

    If it's less than 24hrs in advance give us a call or email!

  • Somebody in my party can't make it, what do I do?

    We don't charge for ghosts!

    If they are already paid for, we will refund the tickets before your reservation starts.
    If they aren't paid for, we will adjust the number of players in our lobby.

  • I don't see any available bookings, but I want to play right now!

    Give us a call to see if we can accommodate you!

    Our bookings close 3 hours in advance, but we may still have availability.

  • Do you allow walk-ins?

    If you are wanting to do an escape room on a whim, give us a call to see if we can accommodate your group!

  • Escape Crates

  • How Much Are Rentals?

    Escape Crates are between $59.99-$79.99. Rentals last for 3 hours, however the games typically last between 1-1.5 hours. Overnight rentals are possible based on availability for no extra charge, just reach out ahead of time.

  • How Are They Cleaned?

    Crates are sanitized thoroughly after every booking using CDC approved cleaners such as Lysol Spray and Clorox Wipes.


Escape Room Frequently Asked Questions

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