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Clancey's Lodge

Clancey's Lodge

Dive into the mysterious enigma of Clancey's Lodge, a fan-favorite Fresno Escape Room!

Nestled in Yosemite, CA, this haunted cabin has become the epicenter of uncanny events that have even experienced paranormal investigators puzzled...

Your team is called to unravel the secrets within its haunted wooden walls.

Can you decipher the cryptic clues and escape with your sanity intact before the lodge claims another victim?

Perfect for both daring escape room novices and seasoned supernatural sleuths alike, Clancey's Lodge offers an exhilarating, immersive escape room experience. Face your fears and uncover the truth behind the infamously unsettling Clancey's Lodge!

Can you solve the mystery behind the strange activity and make it out to tell the tale?

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