Clancey's Lodge: Dark Christmas

Clancey's Lodge: Dark Christmas

Step into Santa's workshop with ClauseQuest, the festive escape room experience by Next-Gen!

Santa has tasked you with fulfilling an ancestral oath by safeguarding Christmas. Will your family uphold your oath and save Christmas? Time is ticking down and all the elves are away, it now comes down to you!

Amidst the glow of twinkling lights in Santa's office, a challenge awaits: Four essential toys have gone astray.

Your task? Uncover the toys and ensure they reach their destined homes, before the stroke of midnight!

This family-friendly adventure is perfect for all ages, making it the ideal experience for everyone who cherishes the holiday spirit. Whether you're with family or friends, ClauseQuest promises a heartwarming, yuletide journey that celebrates the magic of Christmas.

Dive in and keep Santa's legendary punctuality intact!

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