Are There Live Actors in Escape Rooms? (2023 Edition)

Are There Live Actors in Escape Rooms? (2023 Edition)

Imagine this: You’re locked in a room. A 60-minute countdown begins. If you fail to escape, the narrative states that you've met an unfortunate ending... Sounds quite intense, doesn’t it? Many escape rooms offer themes akin to this, providing adrenaline-pumping experiences for players.

At Next-Gen Escape in Fresno, we employ various narratives to enhance the immersion. For instance, in our medieval dungeon-themed room, the story tells of an executioner returning for his "appointment" with the players. But don't be overly alarmed!

Most escape rooms, including ours, do not employ live actors within the game.

You will probably not find a frightful character in your horror-themed escape room, though it's not entirely unheard of. Live actors are more commonly found in horror or mystery-based themes, but this varies greatly by location.

The best method to determine if a live actor will be part of your escape room experience is by contacting the escape room directly via phone or email.

While live actors can add a thrilling twist, the primary aim is always ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. At Next-Gen Escape, our Game Masters monitor your game, providing clues when necessary. While they get in character if requested, they will never physically be in the room with you. Some establishments might have their Game Masters take on roles to enhance the immersive experience, but most prefer to monitor the game from a control room.

Occasionally, you might encounter escape room staff in the room who might not be exactly aiding in your escape. Picture a scenario where a frightening character patrols the room, and players must hide and solve puzzles when they are not in sight!

For some, this level of excitement is reminiscent of haunted houses and adds to the thrill of the experience. For others, an unexpected encounter could turn the game into a nightmare.

A few notable establishments like The Basement and Murder Co in Los Angeles have been known to use live actors in their rooms. There's also the "zombie-on-a-leash" approach, where a tethered "zombie" gradually gains access to the entire room, adding a sense of impending dread to the game. Get tagged by the Zombie to suffer consequences like a time penalty or having to sit out the rest of the game!

There are countless ways to integrate live actors into an escape room experience, though most venues do not employ this element. If the presence of live actors concerns you, we recommend that you always inquire before making a booking!

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