Can you go to an escape room alone? Solo Escapes!

Can you go to an escape room alone? Solo Escapes!

Escape rooms are a unique game experience that are typically played in a group setting.

Just because most escape rooms are made for 2 or more people that doesn’t mean that you can’t play an escape room game alone.

In fact, there are tons of nuances that you would pick up from having to manage an entire escape room adventure by yourself.

If you have ever played a game and wanted to try it one more time, it may be more fun repeating a room and approaching it from a new angle.

You might just find your next obsession!

Try going at it alone!

Whatever reason you have, whether your friends bailed on you last minute, you are trying to play as many rooms as possible, or you are just bored and looking for something fun to do, the best thing to do is check in with the business ahead of time. 

For whatever reason, your friends bailing on you again, you are on a mission to play as many rooms as you can, or just bored you may consider doing a solo escape.

If you are interested in playing solo you should reach out to the escape the room business ahead of time and see if it's an option.

Most locations list a two player minimum, but it isn't necessarily the case.


Try playing with strangers

Nowadays most escape rooms are private. The only people you play with are the ones you booked with, otherwise known as no strangers!

But you may find escape rooms in larger cities that require 12 players minimum. In these cases, there may be groups that are looking to add more players.

Reach out to the escape room business and explain what you are looking for and you will be surprised what you may get!

Solo Escape PRO/CONS


  1. Play games that you normally wouldn’t be able to play
  2. Approach escape rooms in a new way many people never will
  3. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new
  4. Get to play your favorite escape games again with added difficulty


  1. No one to bounce ideas off of
  2. Only one set of eyes to find clues
  3. You might need to ask for extra hints
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