Escape Rooms for 2 | Escape Room Date Night Ideas

Escape Rooms for 2 | Escape Room Date Night Ideas

With the summer air returning comes with it couples looking for exciting new ways to do date night in Fresno!

Except, you may be running out of cute date night ideas.

It’s understandable, with everything in life it’s easier to let important moments slip by, and unless you are a super actively blogger who has the time!


In comes: Escape Rooms! (And dinner too!)

More and more couples are looking towards their local escape room for date night.


Date night at an escape room? It’s more popular than you might first think…

Typically on shows like Schitt’s Creek or Bob’s Burgers escape rooms are played with family and friends, normally not just you and your boo.

This is not always the case!

We hear all the time “Can you play an escape room with 2 players?”

Here’s the thing: it is super fun playing an escape room for 2.

Most escape rooms offer their rooms private, which means you don’t have to worry about strangers playing with you!

WIth just you two, teamwork shines through.

Your communication skills get their workout on.


And what else other and it's literally a date night adventure! There are a million different themes out there to play that both you and your partner will love to play together.

Maybe not the best as a first date idea, but is an incredible idea for your second date night!

If playing escape rooms for date night quickly becomes your go-to move you can always switch things up by adding-on friends to make it a double-date!

The possibilities are endless when you get to have fun with the people you love.

Escape rooms open up more cute date ideas in Fresno, and let’s be honest we need as many ideas as we can get!

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