Introducing Kingsblade

Introducing Kingsblade

Kingsblade is our free to play platformer for Steam!


We love making games of all kinds, and a video game has been something the team behind Next-Gen has wanted to make for a long time.


Check it out for free, and if you like it leave a recommendation on Steam!


We knew we wanted it to relate back to the rooms, and King's Keep is undoubtedly our most popular escape, so it seemed like a good fit!


Since neither Kiara or I have made a game before we knew we wanted to keep the scope low and achievable. We don't plan on receiving anything monetarily in return for the game, we just wanted to create a proof-of-concept and see if our players would be interested in Next-Gen Escape video games... Time will tell


With our lack of skill with making digital games I knew we would want to use some outside help. I utilized the talented freelancer artists of Fiverr to make Kingsblade, and it has almost all the bells and whistles we wanted from our first video game!

Part way through the process we realized that applying ourselves to learn a new game engine would allow us to create more complex puzzle related games in-house.


We started off by using GDesign, as our designer had used it to make Kingsblade. I was blown away at how easy it is to string a game together in that engine, especially since it was no-code.


GDesign was an incredible start, and showed me how to create more games just like Kingsblade in the future. Unfortunately we plan on creating a variety of games which simply would not make since to be made on that platform, so I had to look elsewhere.


I found another engine called Game Maker which was used to create indie games like Hotline Miami and I find it accessible with plenty of how to videos online.

We'll have to stay tuned to see if Next-Gen Escape makes more digital games, e-scapes would be a great fit, but the horizon looks optimistic for a Next-Gen digital collection.


Recently Kiara and I were thoroughly engrossed in The Case of the Golden Idol and can't but wonder how we could make a game like that.


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