Introducing the Next Escape Podcast!

Introducing the Next Escape Podcast!

We are proud to announce a brand new podcast hosted by co-owners of Next-Gen Escape! Next Escape with Calvin and Kiara is a podcast with a focus on the people behind escape rooms, and of course the cool games they produce. Every room has a story behind it, and we want the world to hear it!



Next Escape was made to support the local escape room industry, where we highlight local escape rooms and offer deep-dives in their own business, Next-Gen Escape. Expect to hear all the highs and lows of running an escape room, and our personal experiences with designing, building, and launching our games. Soon we will have guest interviews with other owners, industry experts, and escape enthusiasts!

The first two episodes are already streaming wherever you get your podcasts at! Listen in as we talk about the process of launching our first set of escape rooms: "Global National" and "Clancey’s Lodge". (Spoiler alert for "Clancey’s Lodge" if you haven’t played this room yet you may want to wait!) We go into detail for our design process and goals of the room and expand on the challenges that we encountered along the way. 

Next Escape got its name from our love to experience new rooms. We wanted to create a platform so that we can share our experiences and better promote our fun little industry. If there is enough interest we would eventually like to expand outside of California’s Central Valley, but for now the focus will be on the local escape rooms that we love.

Consider listening to an episode and if you think it’s interesting you may want to consider subscribing! Our current plans are to upload three-to-four 15 minutes episodes a month so there will be plenty of content without taking all day to listen to. In the coming weeks we would love to be able to start interviewing other rooms and seeing their unique perspectives on our industry.

If you are interested in being a guest on the show, or to showcase your escape room on Next Escape contact us by reaching out to

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