How many people can play in an escape room?

How many people can play in an escape room?


How many players can be in an escape room at a time?

For any escape room you are looking to book for online, the fastest way to know how many people can play is by going straight to checkout!

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing your tickets right then and there, you will be able to quickly see the maximum number of players in the room, as well as other details like if it is a private room or a public one.

Most ER’s have a “book now” button close to the top of the screen, which should be easier to find than to go searching through the Frequently Asked Questions page to find the info you are looking for.

How many players are usually in an escape room game?

Most escape room games have a maximum capacity of 6 to 8 players. There are certainly outliers out there, especially if you are in a densely populated city or tourist destination.

For those larger more touristy venues you may see as many as 12 players required at a minimum!

Typically if an escape room requires that many players you will be playing with new friends in a non-private game.

With maximums and minimums discussed, how many should you expect to participate in the room?

Here is where the difference between can and should comes to play.

How many players should play in an escape room?

There is a BIG difference between how many people CAN play, and how many SHOULD play.

You can buy a tent big enough for 12, but you are going to have a better time with fewer people.

Of course, every escape room. Game, and player are different so your mileage may vary on this advice:

Groups of 1

The fabled “Solo” escape challenge! I talk more about these in their very own blog post here if you are interested :)

Groups of 2

These are power couples who love taking the challenge under their belt!

There is a ton of ground to cover in the rooms, and with two players the tension can be quite high.

Failing to double-check covered ground can cost you the game!

This is a really unique experience perfect for date night as it’s literally the two of you against the world! (Well really just the game but same difference)

Groups of 3 to 4

In our experience, groups of 4 are the most typically group size, with groups of 3 following somewhat closely. 

This is an ideal size for everyone to be able to participate in, while still being able to keep up with your teammates progress.

While there is still a lot of ground to cover, there is less weight on the individual players to succeed.

Big Groups

Groups of 5 to 8 are considered to be big.

There are typically more players trying to do things at a time than are things to do!

These are still a blast to see everyone participating and working together at such a larger scale, it can be quite the rush.

Communication is critical with any number of players, but at this level it is necessary just to stay focused on your goals.

Large Groups

Groups of more than 8 are considered to be large.

With this many players it can be a challenge to work with so many different people at once.

When groups get this large, smaller teams of 2-4 naturally start to form as you tackle problems together, and try to relay your progress with everyone else.

Certainly there are some creative ways escape rooms have set up their games to accommodate big and large groups.

As many of us remember from school, group projects are a challenge when your teammates don’t pitch in!

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