What Are Escape Rooms? (2022 Edition)

What Are Escape Rooms? (2022 Edition)

Escape rooms: you have heard of them, but what are they?


Everyone is talking about that-one-fun-thing they did last weekend. You might have seen it on TV shows like Bob’s Burgers, The Big Bang Theory, The Bachelorette,  Schitt’s Creek (a personal favorite), or even on the big screen with Escape Room.



Ever since they hit the US in 2012, the escape room industry has exploded across the country. And for good reason too!

Something that's fun, safe, and private? Sign me up!!


Most people that play a room for the first time just can't get enough. 

The sweet rush of adrenaline as you open the first lock in the room is usually all it takes for players to fall in love with the game.

Oftentimes first-timers are apprehensive about the concept, who wants to get locked in a room anyway? (By the way, most rooms don't do that nowadays!)



With the talk of how fun they are, what exactly are escape rooms? You most likely have heard the most basic explanation of “What is an escape room?”

Enter the room, look for clues, solve puzzles, open locks, and escape within an hour. But, there is so much more to escape rooms than that.

Finding an escape room company you like means that there is an entire collection of adventures just waiting for you!


Who hasn't wanted to feel like a daring adventurer trying to save the day!

Escape rooms let you do just that.


Go on epic adventures with your friends, uncovering hidden secrets and puzzles along the way (and having plenty of laughs help make for a good time too).

However, escape room puzzles and themes don’t really justify going out for date night, the secret sauce that goes into rooms is the social aspect!

It’s most importantly a social game, you must work with one or more people to get through. That requires teamwork, and of course, communication.

Many escape rooms are built to require the teamwork between two or more people at a time, just to solve one puzzle!


If you are thinking about trying an escape room for the first time you are going to need a checklist:


1). Find a room you like.

In order of importance, choose a room based on the theme, availability, and difficulty. You can always ask the business for recommendations!


2). Find your escape squad.


Figure out who you want on your team! Choose wisely, as these are the people you are relying on in the room. A mix of teammates of varying skills and personalities seem to have the most fun!


3). Book your escape.

Coordinate the best time for your team and book the room online or over the phone!


4). Arrive on-time.

Escape room session slots are kind of like the movies. Just like how a film starts at a predetermined time, you are expected to arrive on-time. Some locations ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to fill out waivers and go over rules, so be aware of that when you plan your adventure!



Those are the basics of what an escape room is! Join us next time as we talk about the 10 things I wish I knew before I played my first escape room.

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